Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I dont wanna grow up I wanna be a toy-r-us kid!

Life has been…well… uneventful lately. I am a person who through college was constantly doing something. Even going back to high school I was involved in everything I could be [read: sucked at sports so I had nothing else to do]. Life has really calmed down for me lately. My weeks used to be filled by several different meetings or hanging out with a different friend and I guess there was some school in there to. Now my life pretty much consists of the same old routine. Get up go to work, come home eat dinner, spend time with Becca, watch TV, go to bed. Then the next day it starts all over! It is a pretty tough transition the “adult” life style. And it should be noted if this is the only life style and adult can live you can count on me never fully becoming an “adult”. For the most part to be completely honest I am bored! Now don’t get me wrong I love hanging out with Becca and really enjoy our time together. But I am now living a life that looks really different from the one I used to live! In this environment I am constantly coming up with new idea on what I might want to do with my life. One day its work for a church and the next its being a property manager for the company I currently work for. To be honest if I could leave it all now and do what I wanted I would take Becca and move somewhere and work for a young but strong church in whatever role they would have me. The problem is that is not really an option as I do not have churches beating down my door asking to employee me. So for not I will enjoy this time in life where Becca and I learn more about each other, marriage, and how to be a better partner. I thank God for the job I have and try and be content in the fact that this is where he has the Flacks for now. I stress the for now part of that last sentence. Some people look forward to this life style after college but I am not one of them. So for now I will certainly enjoy it and make the best of it. But that is because I know eventually I will break out of this routine and on that day rest assured you will get a nice new blog post!

Becca and I love this picture. It makes me think that we are looking out at the world and we have no idea whats going to happen but were ready to go together.

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