Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Lift with the knees boys!"

“Hey man can you help me move?” It’s the one sentence that sends shivers down everyone’s spine. No one likes to life heavy boxes, pack delicate dishes, and walk backwards down the steps holding a 1000 pound entertainment center. The reason I am thinking about this is I helped a good buddies parents move yesterday. “Parents, it wasn’t even your friend” you say. Nope I have never met these people before in my life and odds are I won’t ever see them again. What I did know that this friend had some folks that were in a bind and needed some big strong men [obviously why I was personally requested…wait that didn’t happen]. Me and three other men volunteered our Tuesday night to help out a buddy out and as lifting is fairly mindless work I began to think [warning]. The reason we volunteered to help this friend out is he is a brother. He goes to our church and he is the type of man that would be there to help you if you needed anything and we all knew that. When his mother was thanking us for helping her and her husband out we all did the normal “Not a problem I don’t do much” , “Ill do anything for a sloppy Joe”, and “I love a good work out”. Though these statements work in the situation though reality is that we all love this friend and we love Christ and it is that love propels us to help him. It comes back to Christ [most situations always do]. This is a practical was of living out the gospel. Instead of grumbling and griping about helping move, helping with a smile and for the simple fact that you want to love another human in an extremely practice way. To me this is why I follow Christ. Because a friend can put out a request and people actually respond. He did no arm twisting just simply asked. I am a guy who likes to think about big theological issues. I love getting in 3 hour conversations where there is no way to find out the answer we are wrestling over. But on nights like yesterday it reminds me that sometimes following Christ is as simple as picking up a box and doing it with a smile.

Merry Christmas folks remember this is a time that we celebrate the fact that “The Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood” so to speak.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

John 8:7

Love you neighbor as yourself. It is an interesting command that Jesus gives us and is probably one of the more difficult ones. Tiger Woods has been all over the news and we all know the story by now. It is as though the media is all of a sudden shocked that people LIE and celebrities sleep around. The thing is to cover our own asses we will lie boldly and often. I will be the first to admit that I have lied many times, let be real who hasn’t? In fact being married and attempting to be completely honest and open with Becca has been a fairly revolutionary change to make but more fun and freeing then I imagined. What would it be like if we took responsibility for ourselves? Typically you call someone out on something and it is excuse after excuse. In a bible study I used to attend with the BG men we used to talk about changing our life style to “QUIT JUSTIFYING”. What would it be like if people realized that mistakes are not the end of the world? An honest confession of wrong doing can go a long way I have found. We are not perfect and sometimes it is really hard to admit that not only to our selves but others. The challenge is to really stop justifying and accept the mistake or issue and then correct it. Tiger has made a mistake. We all have. Would you like it if your worst mistake was covered 24-7 on cable “NEWS” networks? If I see Nancy Grace asking one more lawyer If Tigers wife can sue him if she gets and STD because he had unprotected sex with other women I may vomit. Get a grip people Tiger has admitted his wrong doing and is moving on. Can’t we? Did you really look up to a pro athlete as a role model in your life? Tell you what, if it makes you feel better just don’t buy Gatorade or Nike for a while. Other than that can we all realize were all far from perfect, and move on! There are bigger things in life.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Flacks

Mrs. Flack. For so long when I heard that I thought of my mom. Obviously this is a normal reaction. As of a couple days ago it is officially Becca’s name now to. Yesterday Becca got her new SS card and today we went and got her a new license and finally got a joint bank account and such. Becca’s maiden name was Laskowski so she is definitely getting an easier name in a lot of ways but it is still interesting this whole name change thing. There are a lot of women who don’t change their name and I can understand that. I can say that I did want Becca to take my name but I really did not know why. It certainly would not have been a deal breaker for me if she wouldn’t have taken it but there definitely was something in me that wanted it. After a good conversation with my soon to be brother-in-law (exactly one week actually) DJ I really realized the name does help create a real since of family. Becca and I are now the Flacks. We are one and yet still two people. I think this name change really does help to create a bit more of that feeling of oneness. So now Becca and I move forward after another step of married life. I cant lie, I like knowing were the Flacks.

On a side note Becca and I had a great Thanksgiving with her family! I do love me some turkey! I don't think this is the one we ate but he looks just as delicious.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

White or Dark...That is the question...

Ahh Thanksgiving. It really might be my favorite holiday. Sitting around chatting, eating, and football I mean whats not to love? In my humble opinion it really does not get any better. This year the Flacks are heading to Newark OH to be with Becca’s family. This is certainly a transition for me as I have never not been with my family on major holidays. Don’t get me wrong I love being around Becca family and we have not seen them since the wedding so it is a much welcomed visit. This is just another transition of marriage I suppose. Hope everyone enjoys their turkey day and takes a nice long nap! I will certainly be trying to squeeze one in!

Friday, November 13, 2009

ARP 11/`11/09

Ashton Richard Point as born on November 11th, 2009 and 12:59 AM. This is my first nephew and I could not be happier. He is a healthy little guy and I can’t help but hope he has more athletic genes then the Flack men usually come equipped with. Cori and Greg are great parents and this will certainly add a little spice with my little niece running around at 19 months old not to mention a off the wall Golden Retriever. The real miracle is really just the fact that Ashton is here. I am talking in the spiritual since that there is no way Ashton is a cosmic accident. Maybe you do not believe in a God or a higher power but I really find it tough to believe that you can look at a child and not believe is something bigger than us. This child was grown in my sister and started out microscopic. He will grow to be a man and this is still astonishes me. To see life so new and raw I cannot help but see God’s hand. You may think that we started as single cell organisms and are now what we are but I just cannot buy it. Ashton is to perfect, we are to complex. Think about it…

If your thinking "Craig you let you wife hold a new born beautiful baby. Dont you know what you have done????"

My answer is yes I know, I know.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Drum Roll Please.....

Lets be honest, no one likes to make decisions. When they are major life changing ones they are even harder to make. However, Becca and I did not have a choice. We would have to decide whether we would pack it up and go to PA or stick around BG for a couple more months. Becca and I got back from PA on 11/1 and took about a week to pray and consider out options. We decided [insert drum roll in your head] to stick around BG. There are a few main reasons why. First we both really felt that our heart was not in the position in PA and that it obviously did not make since for us to move if neither of us were overly excited about moving to the area. Also we are so new in our marriage and really just trying to figure out how to live as a married couple we did not think it was the greatest timing for us to up root and move. Finally, and perhaps the biggest reason, Becca and I are really trying to figure out the call on our lives. Right now it would seem that I have a huge heart for the local church and working with it. This is a huge change of pace being that for the longest time the church was the thing I hated most. Over time what I have come to realize is you cannot Love Christ and hate his Bride [read: the church]. Don’t get me wrong it is easy to pick out all of the bad and focus on it when looking at the local church, but there is still such a beauty and radiance that can really capture you. This being said Becca and I are really going to investigate seminary are see where that takes us. This was not an easy choice to make but Becca and I have found a peace in it. We know that this is where God has us for now and we are going to be as obedient to that as possible. As for what this means with me and YL I honestly do not know. I will not say that staff is not an option in the future and I am certainly still in love with the mission but staff just seems to not be the place for us right now. So as for now Becca and I will be around the BG for a while. Its been a wild couple of months for me personally and I am looking forward to a bit of a calm!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Metallica or Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Becca birthday was October 14th. This was just four short days after are wedding and I had her fairly convinced that she was not going to be getting any presents this year. Instead I decided to surprise her with Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets (I know, what a husband!). Last night was the show and Becca and I were not disappointed. First off they played about 2 and ½ hours worth of music. The special effects of the entire show were unreal and obviously the music rocked. There were lasers, fire, snow, tv screens, smoke, and strobe lights everywhere. The term sensory overload certainly applies here. My parents had seen the earlier show and my Mom commented that at some points it felt like a rock concert. I thought she would be exaggerating a little bit but after seeing the show I really have to agree! It was awesome and certainly worth the ticket price for the experience. If you have a chance to go see them I would highly recommend it. As for the rest of life look for some more posts this week as the Point family [read: sister and brother-in-law] are expecting their second child tomorrow. Also Becca and I have made our decision on the YL job in Penn. I know you’re sitting on the edge of your seat.

Not my picture but gives you an idea of what I am talking about!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Flacks Go to Pennsylvania

As I blogged a bit about before Becca and I took a interview for YL staff out in Pennsylvania. It went well and the committee and Solanco community were really welcoming to Becca and I during our time there. We are still really trying to figure out what is in our future and whether that future is in Penn, Ohio, or wherever. It is interesting because when working for a youth ministry like YL is really a process of trying to determine ones calling. When I say calling I mean a pull or bend that God has put on their heart for a particular activity, job, people, or just about anything. Obviously this is not the easiest thing to determine all the time. So for now Becca and I wait. We continue to ask God for wisdom in the situation and discuss the possibilities that really seem pretty endless at some points. I will say that the coolest thing in all of this is getting to go through this situation with Becca. She knows me so well and can really put things into context for me. I feel a real joy going through this process because whether we end up in Penn or Ohio it has really and will continue to bring Becca and I closer together. Sometimes life can seem too big and the options in front of us so vast! However, going through it with your best friend and wife really helps. Look for an update in the next couple weeks as we decide what to do.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Long over due

It has been far too long since I update the ole’ blog. Not that I really think anyone reads this, but not giving any updates is a death sentence certainly. Since I last wrote a lot has gone on in my life and really all of the craziness is impart the reason I have not written lately. What has gone on in my life you ask? Well let’s see….My car was stolen, totaled, and towed away (No I did not get insurance money, liability only). I went on a job interview for YL in Pennsylvania on October 7th and 8th. Then I came back and got married on the 10th. I went on a honeymoon after that and then when Becca [read: new wife] and I got back we had to move all of our wedding present and all of my stuff into our apartment. Ideally I would have moved almost completely before we got married but when my car was stolen I suddenly became a 15 year old again whose parents had to drive him around. As it stands now I am heading into my third week of marriage and its about every emotion you can imagine. Becca and I are figuring out not only how to love each other better but to live together and share everything. Obviously this is a huge transition for both of us and will certainly be a growing and learning process for the next several ummm months, years, till death do us part? If this was it life would certainly be a lot calmer now but Becca and I are still currently in the process of interviewing for YL staff [first interview obviously went well]. We are leaving this Friday the 30th to fly out to the area and spend the entire weekend with the committee and area director interested in bringing Becca and I on board. This is a huge transition for me as well. Not only the idea of moving but the idea that from now on any major decision in life is one that Becca and I will be making together. That even though I would be the one technically employed by YL it really would be Becca and I taking this job together [that whole 2 become 1 in marriage thing applies here]. Needless to say this has been the cause of a lot of discussion, prayer, excitement, worry, and a whole other range of emotions. Working for a non-profit like YL is not just saying yes to a job but saying yes to a calling put on one’s life. I believe that if a person takes a job like YL and is not called to it, it will become a dumpster fire fairly quickly. So these are the things swirling around in my head at the moment. Life has been a bit of a roller coaster lately and there will certainly be more blog post about all of this transformation and life changing events in the future. But as my buddy Peter told me in a recent conversation the key to a good blog is short and sweet. I hope that this post and many in the future will fall more into this category!

Me And The Boys

Cool Over Head Pic

More pictures to come!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I have not written any thing in a couple of week. The ironic thing is I am already slacking on this blog and its only been like a month. O well such is life. Anyways life is good right now and I am getting married in a month from tomorrow. Thats kinda crazy but I am really looking forward to that because Becca and I are doing this long distance thing now and that is not fun at all. The new job is also going well. I have been a Leasing Specialist at Perry Lake Village for a little under a month and I am really starting to get the job. Though I must say slacking is title that works for the blog and my work production right now. More to come later.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Young Life Leader (Retired?)

As some of you may or may not know the past four years of my life have been pretty much taken over by one thing, Young Life. Young Life was what I did and I did it a lot. If you asked family or friends they knew about YL because it was probably all I would talk to them about. I even told Becca when I asked her out that almost all my time went to YL and she would have to be OK with that in a lot of situations. I mention all of this because at the end of last year I stepped down from my leading position at Otsego High School. This was all well and good because I thought that I would end up on staff for YL. This has not panned out for a number of reasons and the biggest reason I have to believe is that it isn't what God has for me right now. So you can imagine my situation, I have a huge heart for this mission but am with out a YL 'home' right now. What I mean by this is as one friend told me "I am like any other Tom or Harry that was involved with YL at one point and is no longer". This is kinda a crazy thing for me to realize as I did not want it to become this 'Tom or Harry'. Tonight happened to be the YL kick off event for the both Toledo and Wood County (Wo Co is where I spent my YL career). It was weird for me to leave when it was time for the leaders to go in and spend some time together doing leaderesk things. But at the same time I know it is right for me right now. I know that I will be involved in YL in some way this year and has a few things in mind and have a couple meetings in the next couple weeks to discuss them. Either way it is just another major life transition that I am going through right now and one I did not think would be happening. Guess we cant plan out our whole lives.

This picture is from YL summer camp this year. I got the privileged of leading 6 Otsego young men on what was one of the best weeks of not only their life but mine as well. I even had the honor of seeing one truly accept Christ and really go after it with his whole heart!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Lord of the Ring

If you know me or have read the previous post you know I am getting married in October, 10th to be exact. If you have not gotten your invite Ummmm [insert awkward pause]. Any who I am so stoked to get married because Becca is amazing and I love her tons. Though I wont lie and say I am not nervous. I have to become a man that can provide and protect her really quick. This is all well and good because I was just blessed enough to score a job in an economic recession. Either way it is a scary concept being a provider for Becca and I. On top of all of that I am going to have my very first every girl roommate that wasn't my mom or sister. This is intended for a bit of laughter but also something that could prove for some interesting posts in the future! Though I must say that I have lived with 4 other guys at one point and if I can handle that I am sure anything Becca throws at me will be nothing. The reason I am thinking of all of this is tonight I got the call from Kay Jewelry saying my wedding band came in. Its a tungsten carbide ring and has a brushed finish [read: cheap, heavy, not shiny, and o ya CHEAP]. I have never worn a ring before but this is one I guess I am going to have to get used to. I guess you could kinda say I am getting blingged out. Here is a picture of the ring.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How did he get her?

For those of you who don't know I am getting married on October 10th. I just want to throw this out there, I am the luckiest man alive. I am kinda an idiot and she is beyond amazing. Thus begs the question, "How did he get her?" Who knows but I was smart enough to get a ring on her finger so she can be mine for ever.

Figured I needed a picture just so the internet would be able to see what I am talking about.

Lucky # 1

I have a feeling inside. This feeling is telling me that this first blog post must be awesome. It must be thought provoking but also not so heavy that people feel like they are in a lecture. I guess the first thing to address is the question of why even bother writing a blog. Recently I have had the overwhelming feeling that my life has no overall since of direction. After talking to several friends it turns out that many of us are feeling this. Don’t get me wrong I am getting married in under 2 months now to the most amazing, intelligent, beautiful women alive and that has me more thrilled then I can imagine. I also was lucky enough to just score what seems to be a great opportunity as a full time leasing agent for an apartment complex in Perrysburg. This also meant that I got to quit Copper Beech after nearly two years [read: Halleluiah]. On top of all of this I just graduated with my degree in history from BGSU [read: fun four years/semi worthless degree]. So I can imagine that some of you are reading this and thinking "shoot you got everything going for you!" This is certainly true but I still feel lost in the world. Figuring out real monthly budgets for the first time that factor in health insurance, car insurance, loan payments, and what seems to be another million bills is certainly at times overwhelming. It would seem that I am a 22 year old Man that is being thrust into the real world and in a lot of ways have to grow up pretty quick [read: amazing parents who helped to provide a fairly comfortable life thus far]. So why a blog? I figure what better place for me to record the journey of a man trying to figure his way through life. I promise it proves to be an interesting journey that should certainly have several interesting stories. Though this being the first post I should probably establish some guide lines to this blog. 1st I have horrible spelling and grammar and I am positive it will show through in some posts, if this really bothers you I would suggest not reading. And 2nd this will be an attempt to an honest and transparent as possible while still maintaining some since of privacy. If this is unacceptable to you then I would suggest you move on as well. Finally I am certainly a fan of many blogs as I think they are a great way for people to express the way they view the world and I hope that this blog will fulfill that need for me. As for the title “So this is life?” I believe that what millions of people feel at any given minute. It seems that we are always craving more and always searching for more, myself included. It seems that in this lost time in my life I have been asking that a lot. Again this blog is an attempt to answer those “So this is life?” type question, at least answer them for myself.