Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I only make $1,500 a week... PART 1

Me: Baby I backed into a car today at work and umm I kinda had a stripper in the car...
Becca: Haha quit lying!
Me: [silence]...I should probable explain huh?
Becca: I think so...

Gotta love conversations around the dinner table! This happens to be one Becca and I had back in mid February. I guess I should probably clear up this conversation before you get the wrong idea just as my wife did. I work at an apartment complex and had a women come in for a tour on one of the days where it just snowed and snowed. As with most people I ask them if they are working or in school this particular young lady responded with work. I then asked where she was working. After a few moments of silence I got “I work for a company…” I could tell there was something up so I responded with “I work for a company to, what do you do for this company”. She looked at me and must have been deciding whether she should be honest or not and responded with “well this company kinda sends dancers to parties to well uhhh strip…” This literally had about a thousand of thoughts in my head instantly but the one that came through most was do not let this young women think you are judging her [she was obviously worried about that otherwise she would have just come out and said she strips for a living]. I said “ok so do you make pretty good money?” She then responded with “well I only work Saturday and Sunday so I only make around 1,500 a weekend.” The key word there is ONLY! I informed her she would most certainly quality income wise and we proceeds to discuss her different apartment options. As we went to head out of the office into the blizzard like conditions I informed her she could follow me over to the model apartment and that I was in the gold Buick. It is important to note that I NEVER take people in my car with my on tours. It is actually against our company policy and if they do not have a car we are supposed to walk to the model unit [it can be a long walk as we have a 32 acre property]. Today though I was not going to walk in the middle of this weather and asked the women if she would be comfortable riding with me to which she responded “of course” and she ran and jumped in my front seat. At that we began our drive over to the apartment in the silent car.

This is where the story gets interesting!

I will continue with what happened once we got to the model apartment alone, the car crash and my other thoughts in a blog post to follow later. Don’t tell me you are not interested at this point!

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