Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Long over due

It has been far too long since I update the ole’ blog. Not that I really think anyone reads this, but not giving any updates is a death sentence certainly. Since I last wrote a lot has gone on in my life and really all of the craziness is impart the reason I have not written lately. What has gone on in my life you ask? Well let’s see….My car was stolen, totaled, and towed away (No I did not get insurance money, liability only). I went on a job interview for YL in Pennsylvania on October 7th and 8th. Then I came back and got married on the 10th. I went on a honeymoon after that and then when Becca [read: new wife] and I got back we had to move all of our wedding present and all of my stuff into our apartment. Ideally I would have moved almost completely before we got married but when my car was stolen I suddenly became a 15 year old again whose parents had to drive him around. As it stands now I am heading into my third week of marriage and its about every emotion you can imagine. Becca and I are figuring out not only how to love each other better but to live together and share everything. Obviously this is a huge transition for both of us and will certainly be a growing and learning process for the next several ummm months, years, till death do us part? If this was it life would certainly be a lot calmer now but Becca and I are still currently in the process of interviewing for YL staff [first interview obviously went well]. We are leaving this Friday the 30th to fly out to the area and spend the entire weekend with the committee and area director interested in bringing Becca and I on board. This is a huge transition for me as well. Not only the idea of moving but the idea that from now on any major decision in life is one that Becca and I will be making together. That even though I would be the one technically employed by YL it really would be Becca and I taking this job together [that whole 2 become 1 in marriage thing applies here]. Needless to say this has been the cause of a lot of discussion, prayer, excitement, worry, and a whole other range of emotions. Working for a non-profit like YL is not just saying yes to a job but saying yes to a calling put on one’s life. I believe that if a person takes a job like YL and is not called to it, it will become a dumpster fire fairly quickly. So these are the things swirling around in my head at the moment. Life has been a bit of a roller coaster lately and there will certainly be more blog post about all of this transformation and life changing events in the future. But as my buddy Peter told me in a recent conversation the key to a good blog is short and sweet. I hope that this post and many in the future will fall more into this category!

Me And The Boys

Cool Over Head Pic

More pictures to come!

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