Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Flacks Go to Pennsylvania

As I blogged a bit about before Becca and I took a interview for YL staff out in Pennsylvania. It went well and the committee and Solanco community were really welcoming to Becca and I during our time there. We are still really trying to figure out what is in our future and whether that future is in Penn, Ohio, or wherever. It is interesting because when working for a youth ministry like YL is really a process of trying to determine ones calling. When I say calling I mean a pull or bend that God has put on their heart for a particular activity, job, people, or just about anything. Obviously this is not the easiest thing to determine all the time. So for now Becca and I wait. We continue to ask God for wisdom in the situation and discuss the possibilities that really seem pretty endless at some points. I will say that the coolest thing in all of this is getting to go through this situation with Becca. She knows me so well and can really put things into context for me. I feel a real joy going through this process because whether we end up in Penn or Ohio it has really and will continue to bring Becca and I closer together. Sometimes life can seem too big and the options in front of us so vast! However, going through it with your best friend and wife really helps. Look for an update in the next couple weeks as we decide what to do.

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