Saturday, December 12, 2009

John 8:7

Love you neighbor as yourself. It is an interesting command that Jesus gives us and is probably one of the more difficult ones. Tiger Woods has been all over the news and we all know the story by now. It is as though the media is all of a sudden shocked that people LIE and celebrities sleep around. The thing is to cover our own asses we will lie boldly and often. I will be the first to admit that I have lied many times, let be real who hasn’t? In fact being married and attempting to be completely honest and open with Becca has been a fairly revolutionary change to make but more fun and freeing then I imagined. What would it be like if we took responsibility for ourselves? Typically you call someone out on something and it is excuse after excuse. In a bible study I used to attend with the BG men we used to talk about changing our life style to “QUIT JUSTIFYING”. What would it be like if people realized that mistakes are not the end of the world? An honest confession of wrong doing can go a long way I have found. We are not perfect and sometimes it is really hard to admit that not only to our selves but others. The challenge is to really stop justifying and accept the mistake or issue and then correct it. Tiger has made a mistake. We all have. Would you like it if your worst mistake was covered 24-7 on cable “NEWS” networks? If I see Nancy Grace asking one more lawyer If Tigers wife can sue him if she gets and STD because he had unprotected sex with other women I may vomit. Get a grip people Tiger has admitted his wrong doing and is moving on. Can’t we? Did you really look up to a pro athlete as a role model in your life? Tell you what, if it makes you feel better just don’t buy Gatorade or Nike for a while. Other than that can we all realize were all far from perfect, and move on! There are bigger things in life.

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