Friday, July 23, 2010

Thanks for calling Perry Lake this is Craig

I have been working since I was 15 and there has not been more than 1-2 months that I have then been unemployed during that time. I have been a bag boy, sales associate, landscaper, non-profit employee, and a leasing agent. I have done all of those at a number of different companies 7-8 at least (Andersons still is #1 in my opinion!). But since October of 2007 I have been a leasing agent at Copper Beech for two years and here at Perry Lake Village for one year. I really did not want to continue being a leasing agent when I accepted the PLV job and became full time out here however, I was getting married in two months and had to find something for Becca and I. The plan at that point was to go on Young Life staff (the non-profit I worked for) and I was even interviewing in Pennsylvania by October. It seemed all was going to plan, until Becca and I turned down the job in Penn. Then I came to the conclusion that YL was not where God was leading me. This then meant I was stuck at a job I didn’t like but with Becca still searching for a job there was nothing I could do. About March or April Kevin (my new boss/mentor) and I began to seriously discuss the possibility of me coming on staff for Brookside (Becca and I’s church) as a Pastoral Intern. A few months more passed and I had gotten the word that August 1st would be when they wanted me to start. All the mean while I worked this job where I have literally been cussed out more times than I can remember, threatened physically, cleaned up endless piles of dog crap, and apologized for more things that were not my fault more times than I can count. I’ve lost my tempter, been talked down from quitting, and evicted more families and couples whit a heartless mentality that it almost felt like that was normal behavior. All the while I have struggled to remember that PLV is where God has me at this moment and time to be his light. It is never an easy thing to keep in focus especially when you know there is something else out there however; now that I am at the end of my time here I can honestly say I am grateful for it all. I have made some great relationships with co-workers and residents and even this week several have called to thank me for everything I have done for them and wish me luck on my new job. I have had the opportunity to pour my life into this community over the past year and my life will be forever changes because of it. I will certainly not be upset if I never work leasing again in my life however, I also thought I would never work for the Church. I have learned to never say never (and not burn bridges hence my 3 week notice) and be grateful for whatever comes your way. I found a job that supported my new wife and I in the middle of a depression. So while this year has literally been a roller coaster of emotions I rejoice in it.

Thanks for the ride Perry Lake.

Craig Flack Leasing Agent Since 2007 Signing Out!

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