Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baking With The Flacks

Growing up my grandma’s apple pie was a staple at nearly every family event. They were the most amazing things and having lost her over a year and a half ago now I think the memory her apple pies memories have only grown in my families mind. They only pie I have ever had that even rivals my grandmas is Becca’s moms. She makes an array of different pies all of them are amazing! Becca and I decided to bake an apple pie for us today using her mom’s recipe and we decided to document it all along the way! Enjoy!

It may be cheating but sure beats peeling by hand!

She trusted me with the big boy knife!

Becca working with the crust

Apples ready to go

Waiting for the top crust

One of the more difficult parts was getting the top crust on with out it falling all apart!

We were real pumped!

Final Product...Little runny, great taste, and overall for the first attempt we were both very happy!

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