Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Lord of the Ring

If you know me or have read the previous post you know I am getting married in October, 10th to be exact. If you have not gotten your invite Ummmm [insert awkward pause]. Any who I am so stoked to get married because Becca is amazing and I love her tons. Though I wont lie and say I am not nervous. I have to become a man that can provide and protect her really quick. This is all well and good because I was just blessed enough to score a job in an economic recession. Either way it is a scary concept being a provider for Becca and I. On top of all of that I am going to have my very first every girl roommate that wasn't my mom or sister. This is intended for a bit of laughter but also something that could prove for some interesting posts in the future! Though I must say that I have lived with 4 other guys at one point and if I can handle that I am sure anything Becca throws at me will be nothing. The reason I am thinking of all of this is tonight I got the call from Kay Jewelry saying my wedding band came in. Its a tungsten carbide ring and has a brushed finish [read: cheap, heavy, not shiny, and o ya CHEAP]. I have never worn a ring before but this is one I guess I am going to have to get used to. I guess you could kinda say I am getting blingged out. Here is a picture of the ring.

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