Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lucky # 1

I have a feeling inside. This feeling is telling me that this first blog post must be awesome. It must be thought provoking but also not so heavy that people feel like they are in a lecture. I guess the first thing to address is the question of why even bother writing a blog. Recently I have had the overwhelming feeling that my life has no overall since of direction. After talking to several friends it turns out that many of us are feeling this. Don’t get me wrong I am getting married in under 2 months now to the most amazing, intelligent, beautiful women alive and that has me more thrilled then I can imagine. I also was lucky enough to just score what seems to be a great opportunity as a full time leasing agent for an apartment complex in Perrysburg. This also meant that I got to quit Copper Beech after nearly two years [read: Halleluiah]. On top of all of this I just graduated with my degree in history from BGSU [read: fun four years/semi worthless degree]. So I can imagine that some of you are reading this and thinking "shoot you got everything going for you!" This is certainly true but I still feel lost in the world. Figuring out real monthly budgets for the first time that factor in health insurance, car insurance, loan payments, and what seems to be another million bills is certainly at times overwhelming. It would seem that I am a 22 year old Man that is being thrust into the real world and in a lot of ways have to grow up pretty quick [read: amazing parents who helped to provide a fairly comfortable life thus far]. So why a blog? I figure what better place for me to record the journey of a man trying to figure his way through life. I promise it proves to be an interesting journey that should certainly have several interesting stories. Though this being the first post I should probably establish some guide lines to this blog. 1st I have horrible spelling and grammar and I am positive it will show through in some posts, if this really bothers you I would suggest not reading. And 2nd this will be an attempt to an honest and transparent as possible while still maintaining some since of privacy. If this is unacceptable to you then I would suggest you move on as well. Finally I am certainly a fan of many blogs as I think they are a great way for people to express the way they view the world and I hope that this blog will fulfill that need for me. As for the title “So this is life?” I believe that what millions of people feel at any given minute. It seems that we are always craving more and always searching for more, myself included. It seems that in this lost time in my life I have been asking that a lot. Again this blog is an attempt to answer those “So this is life?” type question, at least answer them for myself.

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