Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Young Life Leader (Retired?)

As some of you may or may not know the past four years of my life have been pretty much taken over by one thing, Young Life. Young Life was what I did and I did it a lot. If you asked family or friends they knew about YL because it was probably all I would talk to them about. I even told Becca when I asked her out that almost all my time went to YL and she would have to be OK with that in a lot of situations. I mention all of this because at the end of last year I stepped down from my leading position at Otsego High School. This was all well and good because I thought that I would end up on staff for YL. This has not panned out for a number of reasons and the biggest reason I have to believe is that it isn't what God has for me right now. So you can imagine my situation, I have a huge heart for this mission but am with out a YL 'home' right now. What I mean by this is as one friend told me "I am like any other Tom or Harry that was involved with YL at one point and is no longer". This is kinda a crazy thing for me to realize as I did not want it to become this 'Tom or Harry'. Tonight happened to be the YL kick off event for the both Toledo and Wood County (Wo Co is where I spent my YL career). It was weird for me to leave when it was time for the leaders to go in and spend some time together doing leaderesk things. But at the same time I know it is right for me right now. I know that I will be involved in YL in some way this year and has a few things in mind and have a couple meetings in the next couple weeks to discuss them. Either way it is just another major life transition that I am going through right now and one I did not think would be happening. Guess we cant plan out our whole lives.

This picture is from YL summer camp this year. I got the privileged of leading 6 Otsego young men on what was one of the best weeks of not only their life but mine as well. I even had the honor of seeing one truly accept Christ and really go after it with his whole heart!

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