Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Drum Roll Please.....

Lets be honest, no one likes to make decisions. When they are major life changing ones they are even harder to make. However, Becca and I did not have a choice. We would have to decide whether we would pack it up and go to PA or stick around BG for a couple more months. Becca and I got back from PA on 11/1 and took about a week to pray and consider out options. We decided [insert drum roll in your head] to stick around BG. There are a few main reasons why. First we both really felt that our heart was not in the position in PA and that it obviously did not make since for us to move if neither of us were overly excited about moving to the area. Also we are so new in our marriage and really just trying to figure out how to live as a married couple we did not think it was the greatest timing for us to up root and move. Finally, and perhaps the biggest reason, Becca and I are really trying to figure out the call on our lives. Right now it would seem that I have a huge heart for the local church and working with it. This is a huge change of pace being that for the longest time the church was the thing I hated most. Over time what I have come to realize is you cannot Love Christ and hate his Bride [read: the church]. Don’t get me wrong it is easy to pick out all of the bad and focus on it when looking at the local church, but there is still such a beauty and radiance that can really capture you. This being said Becca and I are really going to investigate seminary are see where that takes us. This was not an easy choice to make but Becca and I have found a peace in it. We know that this is where God has us for now and we are going to be as obedient to that as possible. As for what this means with me and YL I honestly do not know. I will not say that staff is not an option in the future and I am certainly still in love with the mission but staff just seems to not be the place for us right now. So as for now Becca and I will be around the BG for a while. Its been a wild couple of months for me personally and I am looking forward to a bit of a calm!

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